Beauty Advent Calendars: Over £150

So it’s that time of year again! Well, actually… I know what you’re thinking… it’s not even nearly Christmas, but it is that time of year when all the beauty advent calendars hit the shops. A little early in my opinion, but nonetheless, exciting! As you may know, every year I make a ‘Top 10’ video over on my YouTube channel talking about my top picks (you can check that out down at the bottom of this page) but, I also wanted to do a full rundown of each calendar I’ve heard about this year, including showing you the exact contents (*SPOILER ALERT* if you’re bothered about that!) reviewing the packaging, value for money and overall score out of 10. I’ve divided this up into three different categories, each of which will be different blog posts: ‘Ultimate Luxury Calendars’ (Over £150), ‘Medium Treats’ (£50-£150) and this one ‘Affordable Options’ (Under £50).

So this post is the ‘Ultimate Luxury’ end of things… All over £150. I think if you’re splashing that much cash on an advent calendar, you probably want to make sure it’s the right one for you, so here are my thoughts on the Luxury options this year…

Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Nighty & Nice Magic Box’ 

Price: £150

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: Beautiful, but almost identical to last years. It would have been nice to see Charlotte mix it up a bit with a totally new style this year.

Contents: If you’re a Charlotte Tilbury fanatic, you’ll love this. A lovely mix of makeup and skincare. My personal favourites being the full size lipstick and gorgeous metallic cream eyeshadow (also full size!)

Value for Money: It doesn’t give a ‘worth value’, but it does seem like you’re getting good value for money here considering you get three full sizes, and the smaller products are pretty generous too.

Overall Score: 7 / 10

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 

Price: £175

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: Stunning. Yes it’s the same as last year which is a shame, but it’s so gorgeous I can forgive that. It would have been nice to maybe see a slightly different style of illustration of the beautiful shop front though… I do love the drawers and size of the calendar though. It is definitely one you could re-use!

Contents: AMAZING! So many gorgeous brands in here and a mixture of the more mainstream and niche brands that you are used to seeing in Liberty beauty haul. Highlights for me are the Byredo Bal D’Afrique hand cream, Diptyque travel candle, Liberty Makeup Bag, full size Votary Cleansing Oil and full size Trish McEvoy liquid lipstick in a gorgeus, festive red shade. I also love that they put these little cards in each drawer, telling you about each product (I included an example snap of this below so you can see what I mean)

Value for Money: Pretty incredible with a ‘Value’ of over £500. It seems that the Liberty advent calendar never fails to deliver!

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

Fenwick Beauty Advent Calendar 

Price: £150

Availability: Available in store now

Packaging: Absolutely gorgeous, but definitely has a strong resemblance to the Liberty one… The size and design is also very similar, but it is undeniably lovely.

Contents: Brilliant range of products and awesome brands. My personal favourites are a full size MAC eyeshadow in All That Glitters (a classic!), Bobbi Brown pot rouge (love!), Aurelia Cream Cleanser AND the fact that there are actually two product samples in two of the doors (haven’t seen that before – what a nice touch!) I think it’s a tough choice between this and the Liberty calendar… but I think if you’re into your more well-known brands then this calendar is seriously hard to beat!

Value for Money: Really good, with a ‘value’ of over £300

Overall Score: 9.5 /10

Elemis Advent Calendar 

Price: £150

Availability: Available Now HERE 

Packaging: Lovely and classic. Brilliant quality and quite minimalist on the inside, but very classy. The boxes can be a little annoying at times when trying to get them out (I personally prefer drawers!) but overall, lovely.

Contents: For a one-brand calendar, I really love this. The size of all the products is incredibly generous, with a full size (50ml) Pro-Collagen Marine Cream as the 25th gift and really decent sizes of all of the others too. I was really very impressed with this one.

Value for Money: Really good, with a ‘Value’ of over £319

Overall Score: 9 /10

Jo Malone Advent Calendar

Price: £300

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: A bit of a change to the Jo Malone ‘norm’, with the addition of lots of colour this year. I like that they’ve changed it, but I do think I prefer the classic ivory colour. The quality is gorgeous as per usual, and definitely one you’d want to re-use next year and fill with your own treats.

Contents: Very similar to the previous years. Very cologne-heavy, but that’s definitely a good thing! One criticism I have is that the size of the shower gels and oils is quite stingy… as it’s basically the same size as the fragrances.

Value for Money: Good. Yes it’s expensive, but you’re getting a lot of different scents for your money and the fragrances are all sprays.

Overall Score: 8 /10

Diptyque Advent Calendar

Price: £300

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: Very similar to last year, but equally as stunning. I love the little etched metallic gold star on the inside.

Contents: Almost identical to last year, but gorgeous as always. The largest candle is just beautiful with a gold etched unicorn (and it smells like christmas!) and the 10ml spray fragrances are lovely too. As per last year, I think the addition of the two (very small – 15ml) skin/body care products is really quite bizarre. I think if they were going to include them, they should have made them much bigger, and also included a couple more of them…

Value for Money: Good. Yes it’s expensive, but you’re getting a lot of different scents for your money and the fragrances are all sprays.

Overall Score: 8 /10


The White Company Advent Calendar

Price: £150

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: A little bit reminiscent of the Jo Malone ‘town house’ design, but in a very White Company way. I think it could have done with a few more metallic touches to make it a bit more festive, but it’s really nice.

Contents: There’s no denying that the contents are really lovely, however, for a brand like The White Company, who aren’t that well known for their beauty selection, to pull off a calendar like this I think they needed to make it a little more ‘Wow’ for £150. Unless you’re a HUGE White Company beauty fan, I think it’s pretty hard to put this calendar next to ones with a similar price tag, like Elemis or Fenwick, and see it come out on top.

Value for Money: Pretty decent, with a ‘Value’ of £292, but to me, the contents just aren’t that desirable considering the price point.

Overall Score: 5.5 /10

If you want to check out the more affordable options and the mid-priced ones too, head over to my blog homepage here to see the other posts. To see which calendars made it into my ultimate Top 10… check out my full YouTube video here: