Beauty Advent Calendars: £50-£150

So it’s that time of year again! Well, actually… I know what you’re thinking… it’s not even nearly Christmas, but it is that time of year when all the beauty advent calendars hit the shops. A little early in my opinion, but nonetheless, exciting! As you may know, every year I make a ‘Top 10’ video over on my YouTube channel talking about my top picks (you can check that out down at the bottom of this page) but, I also wanted to do a full rundown of each calendar I’ve heard about this year, including showing you the exact contents (*SPOILER ALERT* if you’re bothered about that!) reviewing the packaging, value for money and overall score out of 10. I’ve divided this up into three different categories, each of which will be different blog posts: ‘Ultimate Luxury Calendars’ (Over £150), ‘Medium Treats’ (£50-£150) and this one ‘Affordable Options’ (Under £50).

So this post is the ‘Medium Treats’… so everything in between £50 and £150. I realise £150 is not exactly a ‘medium’-sized treat to yourself, however with these calendars running all the way up to £300, I thought it made the most sense to categorise them this way! Starting off with one of the best value for money options…

Clarins ’12 Days of Christmas’ Calendar

Price: £60

Availability: Available now HERE

Packaging: Beautiful. The packaging of this one looks similar to lots of the over-£100 options. Classic, festive and lovely.

Contents: Highlights for me a full size mascara AND full size of my favourite berry-toned Instant Light Lip Perfector Balm (and the cute mini-sized version too!) Absolutely no duds in here, although it is a 12 day calendar so I wouldn’t expect there to be many if there were any at all!

Value for Money: Brilliant in my opinion. A great selection of products and great sizes.

Overall Score: 7 / 10

L’Oreal Luxe Beauty Advent Calendar

Price: £120

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: Beautiful. Lots going on with the design, but the packaging is gorgeous quality. I do think it’s a shame they put images of the products on the front though.

Contents: A lovely selection of Victor & Rolf, Kiehl’s, Lancome, YSL and Urban Decay. Heavy on the Lancome front but that’s definitely OK with me! Full of products I would actually use, which is not always the case with these types of calendar.

Value for Money: Brilliant

Overall Score: 8 / 10

Kiehl’s Season’s Givings Advent Calendar

Price: £110

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: This calendar is a big, heavy one. The packaging is super cute and festive, and is clearly designed to be unisex too chichis awesome, as Kiehl’s is a bit hit with the guys too.

Contents: A great selection of skin, hair and body care including my favourite amino acid shampoo and conditioner and travel-sizes of their lovely masks too.

Value for Money: Good, but it is quite a lot more expensive than last year. The size of the products are quite decent though.

Overall Score: 6.5 / 10


Estee Lauder Companies Advent Calendar

Price: £125

Availability: Available from the 24th October

Packaging: Absolutely stunning. This is my absolute favourite when it comes to packaging this year. Brilliant quality and such a gorgeous design. Not branded at all, so definitely reusable.

Contents: A really lovely selection of makeup, hair care and skincare from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Glam Glow, Origins, Aveda, Darphin, Bumble & Bumble & Smashbox.

Value for Money: Actually not as good as I initially thought with a ‘value’ of £197 for £125 BUT it’s still my favourite. I think the selection of products and brands in here is what really makes it. I think some calendars leave you feeling flooded with too many similar products, but this has such a great variation of different things, it’s a nice way to try out lots of new and different products

Overall Score: 10 / 10

ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar

Price: £55

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: Very large, very sturdy and I love the design. Pretty similar to last year, but that’s OK.

Contents: Brilliant variation of products and lovely brands including The Ordinary, Foreo, Alpha H, Pureology, Caudalie and Rodial. Interestingly it also comes with a 20% discount code in one of the doors… I’m torn on this as I think ASOS discount codes come up quite often online anyway… I can’t decide if it’s awesome for Christmas shopping or a bit of a cop-out.

Value for Money: A really good, more value option considering you still get really lovely brands in there. I think this is the closest competitor for the M&S calendar, but obviously comes with no minimum spend, so if you don’t think you’d spend £35 in M&S in order to qualify for that one, then this may well the be one for you!

Overall Score: 7 / 10

Rituals ‘Ritual of Advent’ Calendar

Price: £79.50

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: This one is so unique when it comes to packaging… Aa giant gold tree with all of the little boxed treats hanging off it as ornaments. Definitely a different one, but I personally love it!

Contents: Very body-care focused, but the sizes of the products is really generous. I was quite disappointed to see three of the same candles in here, especially one being the Christmas day gift BUT on the other hand, they do smell divine.

Value for Money: OK, I don’t feel like you get the most for your money with this one, but I think in terms of the actual products themselves, they are all ones I would use and therefore quite happy with the value-for-money element.

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar

Price: £149

Availability: Available Now:

Packaging: The one element of this calendar that seriously lets it down… Considering the price and the quality of the contents… this packaging is really very basic. It’s the kind of packaging you would expect from a normal chocolate advent calendar, but you’re paying £150 for it! OK, it’s really about the products, but nice packaging is also part of the package and the packaging of this really lets the calendar down as a whole.

Contents: The selection of brands in this calendar is awesome, and actually a little more niche than a lot of the others too… highlights for me include Zelens, NARS, Fresh, Elemis, Sarah Chapman, ESPA and Laura Mercier (see what I mean about the packaging being a let down?!)

Value for Money: Actually very good product-wise with a ‘Value’ of £300 for £149, but the packaging is letting the side down here.

Overall Score: 6.5 / 10


L’Occitane Luxury Advent Calendar

Price: £89

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: Very different to the other L’Occitane calendar this year. I actually really like the sunny yellow packaging. Nothing ground-breaking, but a nice design and good quality.

Contents: A much better selection in comparison to the other L’Occitane calendar, as you get a lot more of their skincare and fragrance.

Value for Money: Pretty good, with a £129 ‘Value’ for £89.

Overall Score: 6.5 / 10

Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar

Price: £60

Availability: Available Now HERE

Packaging: I absolutely love the design of this calendar. The outside looks like one of their boutiques, with a very french-looking illustrated interior. I think it is very on-brand for Atelier Cologne and will suit the customer who is looking to buy a calendar like this.

Contents: An awesome introduction to the brand, there are 17 tiny 1.7ml vials, 3 bigger 7ml’s and 1 7.5ml fragrances, and three little hand soaps. Initially it doesn’t seem like a lot for your money, as the little vial sizes are what you generally get for free in a lot of places, however… Atelier Cologne fragrances are very expensive, and quite a love/hate brand in general so I think it will suit certain people down to a T.

Value for Money: Not amazing… but a great introduction to the brand if you’re looking to try out some of their scents.

Overall Score: 6.5 / 10

If you want to check out the more affordable options and the super luxury ones too, head over to my blog homepage here to see the other posts. To see which calendars made it into my ultimate Top 10… check out my full YouTube video here: