Urban Decay NAKED HEAT – Review & Swatches

It’s been a few years since a Naked Palette has made quite as big a wave as the Naked HEAT palette is making in the beauty world right now. The original Naked Palette was so unbelievably hyped up, as was the Naked 2, but with the Naked 3, Naked Smoky and various Naked Basics that followed, the excitement waned a little. The introduction of the Heat palette (and collection!) seems to have piqued everyone’s interest in the Naked range again… but is it justified?

In short, yes. The new palette is a stunning collection of 12 warm, terracotta tones housed in retro, 80’s-throwback packaging housed in outer packaging designed to look like a matchbox! If you like warm eyes, this is the palette for you. There is a great selection of both matte and shimmery shades, with the textures and formulations being on point throughout (in the swatches below, you can see that some of the paler matte shades look a little less punchy, but they work really well for blending) I do think the palette is missing a really deep shade, either a dark, warm brown (the only dark mattes are the aubergine ‘Ashes’ or deep plum ‘En Fuego’ I think the addition of a deep, dark brown for lining and definition would have been a great choice. But that would be my only true criticism of the palette. I was definitely more scared of going this warm on my eyes before I owned the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, and I think this is a darker, stormier version of that  for me, It’s missing the pinkier, peach tones but it has a similar level of warmth. Warm but still wearable. It’s £39.50 in the UK and comes with a double-ended brush, so I think it’s pretty well priced for what you get, as per usual with the UD palettes.

As for the rest of the collection? It’s fair to say I’m less impressed. The eyeliners are missable for me (Personally, with eyeshadows this warm, I tend to stick with brown or black liner) and the only lipstick I would wear personally is the nude ‘Fuel’ – the other two are the metallic ‘Metallized’ finish – totally not up my street personally, but the textures are nice and totally up to UD standard.

L-R: Fuel, Scorched, Heat

L-R: Torch, Alkaline

Overall, if you’re into your warm eyes, the palette is definitely worth a look. The rest of the line up is miss-able for me. What do you guys think? Are you keen to get your hands on this? It launches fully on 27th July in the UK (after a very limited one-day preview in June) available here, £39.50 for the palettes, £15.50 for the lipsticks and eyeliners.