Pat McGrath Skin Fetish – Review & Giveaway

Pat McGrath is a legend in the makeup world, working on runways, editorial shoots and brand launches all over the world for over twenty years. In the past year however, she has been making a new type of wave in the makeup world with tiny production runs of her own exclusive products that sell out in the blink of an eye.

The latest of which, Skin Fetish 003, launched just over a week ago amid much hype online thanks to a horde of endorsements from her fans and celebrity clients. Whilst I was in Vegas last week, my friend Tati made me try hers when we were getting ready for the evening, and I loved it. The next day when I walked past a Sephora I was surprised to spot the super glittery display at the front of the store still holding a few of each shade, as I knew they had sold out in most stores.

After much deliberation on which colour I wanted, I decided on the gold as I thought it looked slightly more natural than the iridescent lilac toned one. The kits come with a single powder highlighter, a double ended cream stick with cream highlighter on one end and a clear glossy balm on the other, and a buffing brush. All three items come encased in a clear-fronted holographic pouch with a ridiculous number of loose sequins. A magpie’s dream. Totally impractical, but utterly fabulous.

Firstly for the brush. This is incredible quality, made in Japan and it is very, very, I-wouldn’t-be-surprised-if-they-are-made-in-the-same-factory similar to my beloved Hakuhodo brushes. It works really nicely for both the cream and powder highlighter but I think it would also be great for blending in cream blush if you wanted to.

Next for the powder highlighter. The packaging for this (and the creams) is super basic, and not the best quality. The product inside however, is really impressive and high quality. The powder is a little more glittery than I was expecting, but it’s extremely fine so nothing too difficult to pull off. You can build up the pigmentation and effect depending on how much you use and you can also layer it with the cream products.

L-R Cream, Gloss, Powder

The clear gloss is the one aspect of the kit I probably won’t use too much as it’s a very editorial look to rock a glossy face, but layer this up with the powder and you have an unbelievable effect. The cream highlighter is creamy and soft and has a beautiful glow to it as well. All in all, if you are a highlighter fiend, you need this in your life! It’s up there with my favourite Becca Champagne Pop powder. It also seems expensive at first glance ($72, approximately £50) but considering you get three different products and a great quality brush, it’s actually a really good deal.

I also picked up an extra set to giveaway to one of you over on Instagram. All you need to do is head over to my picture HERE and follow the instructions.

I can’t wait to see what else Pat McGrath has in store for us all this year!

The kits retail for $72 in Sephora (there are still a few left online here)