Fragrance Friday: Taylor By Taylor Swift

This perfume has been sitting on my desk for the past six weeks. *hangs head in shame* The moment I smelt this, I fell in love with it, but it has become somewhat ‘the one that got away’ on my blog, as I’ve been away so much, I simply haven’t gotten around to posting about it. I’ve had a huge number of requests to review it since it’s launch last month so to keep all you Swifties satisfied… here it is. In all it’s glory… Taylor by Taylor Swift.

This is the third perfume from Taylor (who, if you follow me on YouTube you might know, I’m a HUGE fan of) I’ve bought and loved both of her previous perfumes. The newest addition to her collection however, is quite different from the others…

It’s richer, creamier and more mature. The fruity notes of lychee, tangerine and apricot mix beautifully with a floral concoction of magnolia, hortensia, vanilla orchid and peony. Some woodiness and musk in the base give it some guts and overall, it’s a delicious, addictive scent.

For me, this is my favourite of all three of Taylor’s perfumes. The one thing I can’t take to however, is the bottle. The design in theory is nice, but something about the multi-coloured ribbon pattern looks a bit cheap to me. Maybe it’s the mix of the vintage looking cap (complete with fake pearls) paired with the milkshake-glass-like flacon, mixed with the 70’s style disco print. It seems like the designers couldn’t decide what direction they wanted to go in, so added a little bit of everything and for me it just doesn’t work.  That being said, packaging shouldn’t matter and I’ve still fallen totally in love with the scent.

As usual with Taylor’s perfumes, the price point is really affordable too at £23 for 30ml, £29 for 50ml and £39 for 100ml. It is only sold as an EDP so the staying power is great. Overall a total winner for me. Well done Taylor!

FYI, this is currently part of FeelUnique’s sale, where you can pick it up with 20% off and free delivery! WaHOOO!