The £15 Face Wipes

£15 face wipes. Not something I thought I would ever be persuaded to purchase, or believe were worth the money. Until Now. Enter the Ole Henriksen ‘Truth to Go’ wipes.

My friend Becky has raved about these for ages, and when I was given some at an event a few months back, I knew I had to try them. At first I wasn’t so sure. They are scented pretty strongly of oranges and I wasn’t 100% sold on that initially, but after about a week I totally fell in love with these.

I’ve always been a fan of a sneaky face wipe here and there. I’m awful at falling asleep on the sofa, walking upstairs like a zombie and falling into bed. At that point, face wipes seem like the perfect compromise between washing my face and falling into bed with my makeup on.

With that being said, these remove makeup like no other wipes I’ve tried, they don’t drag on your skin, they don’t dry out due to the double closure packaging, and best of all? They are actually pretty good on the ingredient list too! Compared to other wipes, my skin actually feels nourished after using them. Not greasy, not dry… just right. I know there are probably skin care know-it-alls out there who will still argue that I shouldn’t be using these, but I’ve come to realise that my skin seems to love these, to the point where I notice how much better it looks when I’m using them. I went back to using my previous favourites from Soap & Glory and really disliked them in comparison. I never thought I would say it, but I’m totally sold on £15 face wipes. Oh dear…

If you feel like trying these, to soften the blow they are currently 10% off in the feel unique sale (with free international delivery) Or if you are based in the US, they are about a third cheaper (I’ve started stocking up on these when I go over there!)