The Most Amazing Polish!

Now and again, I come across something so wonderful that when it comes to writing a blog post, I simply can’t type fast enough…

I simply have to share this polish with you. I purchased it as part of a $20 makeup challenge I did when in LA a few weeks ago (video coming soon!), but when I came to apply it, discovered simply how amazing it is. Regardless of the price, the formula, opacity and most importantly staying power of this polish are incredible! It has lasted probably the longest of all nail polishes I’ve ever used. I’m talking over a week.

I used a good top coat, yes… but compared to my other polishes used with the same top coat, this product really is outstanding.

Want to know what it is?

It’s the Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine polish in Dreamy Poppy and I picked it up for 69 cents on sale! (Thats about 35p!) Full price it’s still a total snip at 99 cents. I’m not sure how the rest of the collection performs, but this really did blow me away with it’s staying power. I would thoroughly recommend it!

The colour itself also got a lot of complements whilst I was wearing it. It’s a pretty bright pink that looks more red/orange in different lights. It’s such a shame Wet n’ Wild products aren’t available in the UK. I will be keeping an eye out for more of these on my next visit to the US!

Have any of you tried any polishes from this line? Are they all this good?