All About The Blues

Today I wanted to share two polishes that I can’t get enough of for spring and summer this year, and they are both blue.

Blue can be a tricky colour to wear, but if you manage to find the right shade, I’m a huge fan of it on the nails…

The first is the most perfect cornflower blue from Rimmel. It’s part of Rita Ora’s new range and it’s called ‘Bestival Blue’. It’s really similar to another colour from Rimmel that I picked up last summer called ‘Fancy a Dip’ (which I repainted my nails with three or four times in a row when I first got it!) but I think this one has a teeny tiny bit more lilac in it, which I love.

I think it’s one of the most flattering shades of blue I own (and looks especially great with a tan!) I’ve already gotten loads of compliments on it having only worn it a few times. The formula is also very impressive considering the £2.99 price tag. It’s opaque and dries fast to a glossy finish, although the brush could be smoother, I really love these polishes for a quick, affordable nail update.

Another colour I’m loving is from Essie’s new spring collection. Garden Variety is a gorgeous teal blue/green. The formula of this polish is incredible. It’s a little more expensive than the Rimmel (£7.99) and also a really similar colour to another shade from Rita Ora’s new range in ‘Portaloo Blue’, but the thick, opaque formula is seriously amazing, it’s worth the extra few pounds to me.

These polishes have firmly secured a spot in my all time favourite shades, and I can tell I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer! What are your favourite blues?