YSL Tint in Oil

I’ve always been a huge fan of YSL lip products. They tend to release unique formulas before all the other brands and I adore their signature fruity, mango scent. When they announced the release of the new ‘Tint in Oil’ however, I wasn’t too excited about it. Something about lip oil isn’t that appealing to me, and combined with colour, it doesn’t sound like it would be a winning combination.

How wrong I was. The texture of these is simply divine, almost like an oil-gloss hybrid. It’s not overly slippy or greasy on the lips, but still has a soft, nourishing element to it that only an oil could have. The packaging is really pretty, a further extension of the Rouge Volupte design that incorporates the iconic YSL logo and metallic finish…

The scent is the same delicious mango based fragrance, which is always a winner in my books. What’s really unusual about this formula though, is the colour element. They’ve managed to combine the glossy, light oil texture with a slow developing tint. These apply VERY sheerly (the lighter ones appearing almost clear) but after a few minutes the colour develops and gives a tint to the lips. The gloss itself lasts on my lips for an hour or two, but the tint really stains and if you apply a few layers you can really build up a vibrant colour. I’m not normally a huge fan of stains (or oils, as I mentioned before) but I really love this gloss and have been using it a lot over the past few weeks.

It is available in 8 colours. The lighter ones do come up a lot sheerer, so it’s worth giving them a good test in store to see how they develop on your skin tone (the palest ones may not really show up at all and therefore may be entirely skip-able depending on your personal preference for colour) My favourite shade is the one shown, Cherie my Cherie which is one of the brightest colours in the range.

It’s quickly found it’s way into my everyday makeup bag and I would firmly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy, carefree way to incorporate a little spring colour into their makeup!

The YSL Tint in Oil glosses are available on counters and online (HERE) now, priced at £23.50 each (or $32 in the US).