Hourglass Modernist Palette

I know I’m a little late on the bandwagon with this one, but today I’m going to be reviewing the heavily-hyped Hourglass Modernist palettes. When I first clapped eyes on a picture of these, I swooned out loud. They are simply beautiful. Because of this, I’ve held back on writing a review as I wanted to be 100% sure how I felt about the actual product, and to give it a thorough road test before putting my thoughts out there for everyone to see, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing they may be!

I love Hourglass on the whole, and have been nothing but impressed with all of the other products I’ve tried from them, so I was expecting great things. Something about this palette however, left me a little disappointed…

The design is stunning (hence the hype) soft, sand-dune style waves, seamlessly connecting 5 shades into one large pan. The colour-way I tried, ‘Graphite’ contained an eclectic mix of neutrals: a matte nude, glittering gold, matte chocolate, shimmery navy and pale silver. The combination is really pretty: safe but still unusual.

The palette itself is a similar size to their trio face powder and blush palettes (of which I own, and love, both.) The formula however, lets the palette down in my opinion. It’s nice, but not amazing, and when you’re spending £56 on a single eyeshadow palette, you expect it to be just that.

The pigmentation is good, but not great. The staying power is good, but not great and the blendability (you guessed it!) is good, but not great. All in all, it’s a really nice little palette, but if you’re looking for great eyeshadows I think you’re better off investing your pennies in a palette from Urban Decay or MAC (or Charlotte Tilbury if you want swoon-worthy packaging AND great quality products). The packaging will draw many people in, but for me I’m afraid in this case, the product didn’t match up to the beauty of the presentation, or the price point.

There are seven different shades in the collection. They are £56, available from SpaceNK now.

Have any of you tried these palettes? Would you splash the cash on one?