Review: Double Wear “All Day Glow” BB Cream

I’ve always been quite vocal about my dislike of the ‘BB trend’. Every brand out there seem to have slapped BB, CC or even DD (?!) all over their packaging for a couple of years now, and most of the time the products in question bear no similarity to the original Asian BB creams, which were designed to help improve the skin (healing scarring etc) while providing high coverage. ‘Western’ BB creams tend to offer little more benefit than an ordinary tinted moisturiser would, and it’s for that reason I tend to pass on them.

One such Western BB however, has slipped through the net. Enter Estee Lauder’s latest addition to the Double Wear family: the All Day Glow BB ‘Moisture Makeup’.

Quite a lot of my friends swear by the Double Wear Light foundation, and having tried these side by side, I can honestly say that I much prefer this. I also think it gives very similar coverage.

It has SPF 30, leaves my skin feeling nicely primed and moisturised, and provides a medium coverage. It’s light, yet creamy enough to apply with your fingers, the balm-like consistency takes a little blending into the skin, but the result is a beautiful satin finish with a definite ‘glow’ to it (without any noticeable shimmer or glitter particles; definitely a good thing!)

Overall this is a product I have been reaching for on those days where I don’t want a full makeup look, but am still running errands, or being seen out in public! I think it would be a great choice for those who normally wear a higher coverage foundation, but are looking to lighten it up for the summer (in which case the SPF 30 is also a great plus point!)

After 9-5 wear with a couple of powder touch-ups!

It’s oil free, so also well-suited to most skin-types, and true to the ‘Double Wear’ name, it has great staying power. I set it with a little powder and perhaps have to touch up with a little more powder now and then throughout the day, but if you don’t have time for touch-ups it’s pretty impressive even after a good 8 hours wear. It comes in 8 different shades from 1.0-8.0 (My shade is 2.0)

It’s £29 for 30ml so it is on the pricey side (it’s Estee Lauder after all) but definitely worth it in my opinion! You can find it online here, or at Estee Lauder counters.

Have any of you tried this, or are fans of the other Double Wear products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!