‘My Pink’

Last week I discovered a new product from Clarins that I became instantly obsessed with. It’s their new Colour & Comfort Lip Balm crayon in ‘My Pink’. This really took me by surprise, as I’m honestly totally bored of the lip crayon trend. There are great ones out there, but whenever I see any new launches, I tend to roll my eyes… just a little.

And that’s what I did when a couple of these landed on my doorstep last week…

The coloured variants were nice, but the shade that really stood out was the one called ‘my pink’, a shade that adapts to your lips… nothing new in theory, but the formulation, scent and performance of this balm really blew me away.

It’s super smooth and really soothing on the lips. It has a sweet, candy scent that I fell in love with instantly, and the shade really does show up on the lips. On me it’s quite a deep, glossy, translucent-looking pink. I was instantly obsessed and have been using it almost every day since.

I also love the fact that the packaging isn’t identical to all the other lip crayons out there… it’s definitely sleeker. I love the gold caps. These balms are available now, priced at £18 each.