The House That Google Built!

Although my blog is normally beauty-based with the occasional splash of fashion, I’ve been hanging out in the Google House for the past couple of days, and it’s simply too cool not to share with you all!

For their very first consumer press day in the UK, Google have taken over a beautiful 5 storey house in London’s fancy Fitzroy square. They’ve themed each room to show off a different way that Google can help change your life in an unobtrusive way. I’ve been based in the bedroom of the house for the past few days talking about Haul Videos, and how they fit into the online world (and why they are awesome!) Surprisingly if you’re ‘in to’ YouTube, most of the UK press have never heard of a Haul Video, so it’s been an interesting couple of days! We’ve also been showing people how to use Google Voice Search to help you get ready for a party, from looking up beauty tutorials, to checking the weather (trust me, it kick’s Siri’s ass!)

My ‘bedroom’ set was beautiful, but the highlight for me has got the be the the bath full of KitKats (KitKat is the name of Google’s new operating system for their android phones for those not in the know!)

I also bumped into the lovely boys from Sorted Food in the kitchen, where they were cooking up a storm whilst demo-ing how Google Voice Search can help out in the kitchen, converting weights and measures, setting reminders for shopping and buying new cooking equipment!

They also had a mock-up ski lodge, complete with fake Christmas trees and snow, showing everyone how to use Google Translate to translate your conversation in real time, so you can actively talk to someone in a different language (pretty awesome I must say!)

I also got the chance to try out one of the as-yet-unreleased Google Glass devices. To be honest, I’m not yet sold on the look of them… combined with my real glasses, I’m not sure it’s the best look, but the technology is seriously awesome and fun to play around with! It’s been such a fun couple of days getting to know the Google team and learning more about their new gadgets and apps! Google Voice Search is officially my new best friend. Even if you have an iPhone, the Google Search app is awesome.