Dove Style+Care Review: The Serums!

This week I’ve been testing out Dove’s new Style+Care soft styling range. On Monday I told you my thoughts on the Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo and the Style+Care Heat Protect Spray, but now it’s time to take a look at the other two products in the range, the Style+Care Frizz Free Shine Cream Serum (a bit of a tongue teaser!) and the Style+Care Nourishing Dry Ends Serum. I’m a huge fan of serums as I have long, colour treated hair, so these were the two products I was most excited to try out.

Although it seems a little excessive to have two serums in a collection of only four products, these two are actually very different in formulation and performance and after using them, it can see that it definitely makes sense to have both in the line-up. Here are my thoughts on each…

Frizz Free Shine Cream Serum
First up for the Frizz Free Shine Cream Serum. Now, as the name would suggest, this is a cream consistency and is the lighter of the two. I absolutely love this product, it’s without a doubt my favourite product in the range. This lightweight cream doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it look greasy, so it’s perfect for using on the mid-lengths of your hair as well as the ends. I love using this to finish off my style, whether I’ve rough dried my hair straight and just need a little de-frizz, or if I’ve curled my hair and want to define and smooth the curls, this works really well and feels super light in the hair. It’s very similar in consistency to some of the ‘BB’ or ‘CC’ styling cremes out there… kind of a hybrid between a serum, leave-in conditioner and styling cream. Overall, it’s a great all-in-one product and I would definitely recommend it.

Left: Dry Ends Serum, Right: Shine Cream Serum

Nourishing Dry Ends Serum
The Nourishing Dry Ends Serum, however is a bit of a different story. This is an oil-based serum that is super-nourishing. It’s quite heavy, so like most hair oils, it’s best applied just to the very ends of your hair, or to the mid-lengths and ends when your hair is wet (my personal fave way to use it!) It adds a lot of shine, so if you have very long hair like me and need to add that extra bit of moisture back into the very ends of your locks, this is a lovely product to use. The packaging is small and really portable too so it’s perfect to throw in your bag for on-the-go frizz control! Personally, I find a lot of oil-serums to be much of a muchness, and while I’ll definitely use this up, I’m not sure if it’s any better or worse than some of my other oil serums. On the plus side, it’s a whole lot cheaper at only £4.49* for 50ml (over 1/3 of the price of Moroccan Oil ml for ml!) so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

Overall, I have been really impressed with this new line from Dove. It’s really nice to see them moving into the styling world. There seems to be so much emphasis on style, often at the cost of your hair’s health, it’s really nice to see a whole line dedicated to caring for your hair as well as styling.

*Retailers have the right to change the price at any point without notice. 
A big thanks to Dove for sponsoring this post and introducing me to the line. 
All opinions are my own.