Naked Disappointment

I want to start this post off by saying that I am generally a huge fan of Urban Decay, especially their ‘Naked’ range. Therefore, the idea of Urban Decay adding a highlighter to their naked range really excited me, and in theory the ‘Illuminated’ Shimmer Powder for the face and body is a fabulous idea.

However, I really didn’t like this product, and here’s why…

The packaging is bulky and cardboard. Not good for those who travel, or like to keep all of their makeup in a makeup bag. Something I could live with if the product was amazing… but it’s not.

It is simply WAY too glittery. We are talking ‘Oooh this looks SO pretty’ when you first look at it, to thinking… Oh, maybe this wouldn’t work on my face. Under outside/natural lighting, this is the epitome of an unsubtle highlighter. It has big flecks of glitter and easily accentuates any large pores you have.

Yes, it can be applied very lightly for a more natural effect, but when you’re spending £20 on a product, you want it to deliver what it claims to, right? This product might be ok for a night out, but it’s way too much for everyday (for me, at least!) 

I was really disappointed by this. I was expecting a beautifully subtle illuminating powder (akin to Soap & Glory’s ‘Glow All Out’ or the Hourglass illuminating powders) but what we have here is by far the shimmer-iest disco-ball highlighter that I own. Urban Decay are often the champions of bright, fun shades, but their Naked range is all about the opposite: natural, neutral colours that are perfect for everyday.

Sorry Urban Decay, but this isn’t a winner in my books! I’m hugely eager to get my mitts on the Naked3 palette though… from what I’ve seen online, it looks like a beauty! 

Have any of you tried this highlighter? Any fans out there, or do you agree with me on this one?