NEW Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks: Review & Swatches

One of my favourite high street brands, Rimmel, have reformulated their Moisture Renew lipsticks and have extended the range to include 10 new shades. I got the chance to try them out ahead of their national launch on October 2nd, so here are my thoughts…

The 10 new shades are a good mixture of neutrals and brights. As you can see they have also changed the packaging. I like the new clear purple casing but have to admit, it reminded me a lot of Maybelline’s signature lipstick packaging. It definitely feels a bit cheaper then some of my other Rimmel lipsticks but that doesn’t really bother me. It’s what’s inside that counts…

Left-Right: Coral Britania, Let’s Get Naked, Saved by The Bell, To Nude or Not to Nude, Ringa Ringa Roses, In Love With Ginger, Mayfair Red Lady, As You Want Victoria, Glam Plum Fulham, Dark Knight Waterl-oops

 As you can see from the swatches below, the finish of the new formula is really glossy and rich. All of the shades are heavily pigmented, but the brights especially so. It’s worth noting that the darker shades do stain a little (I had trouble getting them off my arm!)

Surprisingly, I found that the formula of the brighter colours also seemed to be more moisturising. For some reason, the lighter ones didn’t sit on my lips as nicely. Instead of the product feeling rich and luxurious on the lips (as I was hoping!) it’s a tiny bit balmy and ever-so-slightly greasy. I was hoping they would be richer, more akin to the MAC cremesheen lipsticks.

 Coral Britania (630)

 Let’s Get Naked (705)

 Saved by The Bell (650)

 To Nude or Not to Nude (125)

 Ringa Ringa Roses (170)

 In Love With Ginger (660)

 Mayfair Red Lady (510)

 As You Want Victoria (360)

 Glam Plum Fulham (470)

Dark Knight Waterl-oops! (380)

I do really love the new range of colours though, especially ‘As You Want Victoria’ (the bright pink) and ‘In Love With Ginger’ (the orange – this really surprised me as I normally don’t go for orange-tones) The one dud colour for me has got to be ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’, which is not only quite a cheap-looking shade, but also seems to cling to the lips and make them look dry, even though the texture feels moisturising.

The staying power if these is pretty good considering they are a moisturising formulation, although they will definitely need reapplying after eating etc (If you’re looking for long-lasting, you’re betting going for one of the Apocalips Lip Laquers!)

All in all… these aren’t my favourite high street lip products, but they are really nice and for £6.49 each they give a lot of the more expensive options out there a run for their money!

The new Moisture Renew Lipsticks hit shops on October 2nd. 

Will you be trying any? Are any of you fans of the old formula and colours?

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for a review Rimmel’s other new lip launch – The Colour Rush Lip Balms – later this week!