Fragrance Friday: NEST Midnight Fleur

Last week, I found out not only that my favourite candle brand NEST (more on the candles here…) made fragrances, but that one of said fragrances was called ‘Midnight Fleur’. Meant to be? I think so!

The lovely PR department at NEST saw me tweeting about this and kindly sent me over a few samples of their scents to try, as they don’t currently stock the line anywhere in the UK…

There are 5 scents in the range in total, all inspired by the beautiful artwork of Mrs. Delany and between them offering something for everyone. All the fragrances are distinctly different from one another, but also from the typical fragrances that flood the market these days.

All five of the NEST fragrances have something intriguing and uncommon about them. I wouldn’t personally wear all of the scents, but I can appreciate how well they work together as a collection, and how well rounded they are.

Here’s a little rundown of each:

Midnight Fleur – Luckily, this is also my favourite scent, and the sweetest of the five. NEST describe it as ‘addictive’ and it most certainly is. Exotic woods, patchouli and black amber blend perfectly with jasmine and vanilla orchid to give you a sweet scent with dark, creamy base that lingers on the skin. I’m absolutely in love with this… like I said, I think it was meant to be! Although you could definitely wear this day and night, it makes a wonderful, sophisticated evening scent.

Passiflora – Passion flower, water hyacinth and lily of the valley combine to give off a distinctly floral, watery scent that has a very fresh, green feel to it. This is personally too floral for my taste but what I would describe as a modern floral (not too granny-ish!)

Amazon Lily – My least favourite of the five, this combination of citrus and floral notes is too masculine and sharp for my taste, but undeniably interesting. Amazon lilies, lime, tangerine, driftwood and white musk.

Dahlia & Vines – An ultra-feminine concoction, this is the kind of floral I love… peony, rose and daffodil are sweetened by (my favourite!) amber and vanilla, with a hint of sour fruitiness too. 

White Sandalwood – My second favourite, Indian and Australian sandalwood are sweetened to the point of gourmand by almond, white musk and saffron. This is a creamy, warm and very wearable fragrance, the almond in this is what really stands out to me. This is another one of those addictive fragrances. Once on your skin, you can’t resist smelling it over and over. Sweet but sophisticated.

The full collection of NEST fragrances is available from now, and will be available in-store in the US from the end of the month. Each fragrance is available in an 8ml rollerball and 50ml EDP, priced at $25 and $65 respectively.

My NEST obsession continues… I’ll be hunting down the holiday candles when I’m in LA in October!