Magical Mascara! Revlon Lash Potion Review

Whilst in New York last week, I couldn’t resist picking up this new mascara from Revlon. It’s their ‘Lash Potion’. Not only does it have beautiful, eye-catching, fairytale packaging, but it came upon high recommendation from my friend Tati.

I don’t need to say much more about the packaging other than that I adore it.

The brush is a large bristle one that coats the lashes really nicely. It’s big, but not so big that you get mascara on your eyelids, nose etc!

The effect is really quite stunning. It’s a very volumising mascara, but it also adds a lot of length too. It manages to do something quite rare amongst mascaras in the fact that it doesn’t clump, or make your eyelashes look ‘spidery’, but it adds serious volume. My lashes look thick and luscious but not too much.

What’s even better about this mascara is that is doesn’t flake, smudge or transfer one bit. I bought the waterproof version (again, on recommendation from Tati, as the normal version hasn’t had such good reviews) and while it is tricky to remove with a mere face wipe, it’s a perfect choice for summer. I absolutely love this and would 100% recommend it if you’re looking for a new ‘drugstore’ mascara. I would say it’s up-there with my favourite Max Factor and Maybelline options.

I don’t think it is currently available in the UK, but you can pick it up from drugstores in the US priced at $7.99 (though it appears to be $4.99 in Target at the moment – steal!)