Tiffany Blue Nails

I’m loving this new colour from NYC. It’s not a brand that catches my eye much, but they have some lovely colours coming out for summer this year.

This is ‘Sky Blue’. It looks…
slightly green-toned in the bottle but when it dries on the nails it’s a stunning turquoise-baby blue, very similar to Tiffany & Co.’s iconic packaging.

It’s a quick-dry formula so the drying time is impressive, it’s quite thick in consitancy and leaves a perfect finish in two coats. Wear time is average to good if you use a good topcoat.

The best part is, they’re only £1.79! A cheap and cheerful way to update your polish wardrobe for summer.

You can pick this colour up from Superdrug now (You can also buy them online, but please note… Superdrug seem to have mixed up the names of colours ‘Raindrop’ and ‘Blue Sky’ so I don’t know which you would get if you ordered it, and would therefore recommend popping into a Superdrug store if you fancy getting your mitts on this one!)