Rimmel Apocalips: Review & Swatches

Sorry I’ve been silent on the blogging front for the past few weeks guys, I’ve had a lovely relaxing Christmas break and I hope you all have too!

I’ve had these lipglosses for quite a few weeks now, but I wanted to make sure I gave them a thorough road test before I reviewed them for you, as there have been a few mixed reviews in the blogosphere.

They are Rimmel’s new Apocalips lip laquers. There are 8 colours in the range, from red to nude.

Left-Right: Apocaliptic, Big Bang, Nova, Stellar, Galaxy, Celestial, Luna, Nude Eclipse

On first impression, I thought the colour range was slightly off, but after wearing each of the shades, I think their choice of colours is pretty great for a drugstore brand. There’s a nice variety of brights and nudes, and not any neons or garish shades. (While the peachy pastel orange looks awful in the tube, it’s actually quite pretty on the lips!)

The Red (Big Bang) is the star of the collection in my opinion, and although I’m not really in to my nude lipsticks at the moment, the nude is a very good one (let’s face it, there are some awful nudes out there!)

The consistency of these products is what impressed me the most. They are really creamy and opaque. The aplicator has a little well in the centre that collects product so you can apply it with only one or two dips.

The product has a satiny finish that actually dries quite matte, so it can get a little dry after a few hours, but I find that a quick top up solves this perfectly, and they don’t dry my lips out at all. The staying power is fantastic. The bright colours especially, stay on my lips for hours and hours, even after eating!

Nude Eclipse
Big Bang

Overall, I think these products are absolutely fantastic. Lovely packaging, colours, formula and price! An absolute gem for the high street, well done Rimmel!

You can pick these up for £5.99 from 23rd January

If you’d like to see Big Bang in action, I used it in my latest makeup tutorial on YouTube – CLICK HERE to see it!