Shu Uemura Custom Palettes

I got the chance to go and have a play with Shu Uemura’s new custom palettes last week so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all… I’ve never tried out any Shu Uemura makeup before so I was keen to take a look at what they had to offer.

The palettes are slim and sleek and come in black or white. They come in three sizes that fit single, duo and quad eyeshadows. The one below is the largest size, fitting four eyeshadows or two blushes.

You then choose your shades, and slide them into the palette. Compared to mac and urban decay’s custom palettes, this is really quite neat. 

The finished product looks like just that… a finished product, not something that you’ve pieced together yourself and I love that. The packaging is very compact, so perfect for your makeup bag.

The eyeshadows that I chose are really lovely in formulation. The cream eyeshadow (on the left) is my favourite, it’s a very dry consistency and is perfect to use as a cheek highlighter too. The metallic shadows are beautifully soft and smooth, with minimal fall out, and lovely staying power. I didn’t get to try the cheek products but they had some great shades.

Left-right: P101, ME825, ME472, ME996

Overall, I’ll definitely be taking a peek a Shu Uemura makeup next time I pass a counter. The major downfall with these palettes is that they don’t make a bigger size. Imagine how fabulous they would be if they held two or three rows of shadows!?

The custom palettes are available from Shu Uemura now, each shadow refill is £11 and the palette itself is £10, a total of £54, so they are really quite pricey for what you get, but the quality is very high.

Have you tried any Shu Uemura Makeup? What do you guys think of it?

Woof loves it!