Review: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

You might have seen or heard about the latest Clinique mascara to hit the market (they are running lots of ads at the moment that’s for sure!

Their High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara joins their seemingly ever-expanding line-up of formulations, and while the packaging is a little different for the brand, I really don’t think the product adds anything to their current offerings.

There are some lovely Clinique mascaras available. High Lengths and the original High Impact mascara are particular favourites of mine (each for different reasons obviously!) but when it comes to this new formula, I’m just not convinced.

The tube is fatter than their usual packaging and the plastic wand has lots of very short bristles. It’s a really chunky applicator so it makes applying the product much harder than usual and it’s much easier to make a mess than with most other mascaras. This is something I could put up with if the results were fantastic, but quite honestly they are nothing to write home about.


I would say this is an utterly average mascara.. it’s not awful, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend that you buy it over the other Clinique mascaras I mentioned earlier. It leaves a nice, fluttery effect to the lashes, but I think you can buy much better for £17 (or find something equally as good for half the price!) All in all, I was more than a little disappointed by this one… normally I’m all over anything that promises ‘extreme’ volume, but this just didn’t deliver.