Fragrance Friday: Ted Baker Origami

I always think body sprays are more of a US thing? For some reason people seem to think they are a lot more ‘essential’ over there, whereas in the UK I think for most people, a body spray is a take-it-or-leave-it type of product.

None the less, there is one particular body spray that I’ve really fallen for over the past few weeks.  Ted Baker’s ‘Origami’ scent is really quite delicious and unusual.

The description lists raspberry, vanilla, rose and sandalwood as the key notes but it’s not as sweet as it sounds. It’s delicately fruity with a quite a strong, spicy undertone (most probably thanks to the sandalwood). Overall, I really love this scent and although it’s quite delicate on the skin (as it’s a body spray) they scent does linger. I love the origami design on the packaging too!

I also tried the body cream and bath gel in this line and neither were as lovely as the spray. For some reason the scent smells so much better as a body spray.

The Ted Baker Origami body spray is £5.10 for 150ml, or £2.35 for 50ml, available now from Boots (it’s also currently on 3 for 2!)