Nailed: GOSH Nail Glitter!

I haven’t seen or heard much about the GOSH nail glitters. In fact I hadn’t heard of them at all before I spotted them in Superdrug the other day. After a bit of research online, I think they must have been out for a few months but have so far managed to escape my attention!

These little pots of super-fine glitter drew me in because (as you all know!) I’m a complete glitter bug. The idea of using lose glitter to adorn the nails seems a little messy to me, but I wanted to try it as I’m always up for something new when it comes to nails.

The shade I chose was ‘Ruby Red’ which is actually more of a deep pink. It was a hard decision as there are 8 different shades, all of which are gorgeous but I think this was the most ‘me’.

The process of application is actually very simple…

You apply a clear coat of polish to the nails, dip the nail into the glitter pot, make sure the glitter covers the whole nail, carefully remove it from the pot, then wipe off any excess.

The result is gorgeous. It’s a matte glitter finish unlike conventional glitter nail polish. You can’t put a top-coat over it without turning your nails into a gloopy mess, so the glitter itself has quite a limited staying power (a couple of days before it develops some substantial ‘bald’ patches!) but it’s definitely a gorgeous look for a special occasion.

I think I’m more likely to use this again in nail art designs, or for the tips of my nails as the effect on the whole nail seems to be a little more hassle than it’s worth.

They are £3.99, so won’t break the bank and are fun to have a play with. I’m quite disappointed that they don’t have a true red shade for Christmas time, but definitely keep your eyes open for a video tutorial featuring these glitters soon! I think it could be really fun to play around with mixing different glitters on the same nail!