Lip Lust: Revlon Crystal Lilac

I’ve had my eyes on this colour for a few months now and Superdrug’s 3 for 2 offer pushed me over the edge to buy it. I absolutely adore the packaging, it’s such fantastic quality for a drugstore brand, they are chanel-esque in their size and shape, and also with the quilted design.

I’m always attracted to this kind of slightly iridescent lilac shade.

When I finally got round to trying it, I must admit I was a little disappointed! When I swatched it on my hand, it seemed a lot more pigmented than when I actually put it on my lips…

If you haven’t tried the Colourburst lipglosses before, they are definitely a love/hate kind of product due to both the formulation and the taste. A lot of people don’t like the taste, but I actually quite like it! It kind of tastes like rice to me (if you’ve tried these please let me know what you think in the comments… it’s a funny one!) The formulation is ever so slightly grainy too, which I’m not such a fan of.

Overall, this was a bit of a disappointment to me as I’d been wanting to buy it for such a long time. It’s one that I’ll use up, but not a favourite!

The Revlon Colourburst lipglosses are £7.99 and available from Boots and Superdrug in the UK.