Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ Review

Benefit sent me a sample of their newest mascara release weeks ago, and instead of posting a review straight away, I’ve given the product a thorough road testing to see for myself if their sensational claims can possibly be true.

Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara claims to give you such amazing, glossy lashes that people might actually mistake them for fake ones. I’m instantly sceptical!

So onto the review.

The packaging is nice, quite vintage looking.

The wand itself is rubber and quite easy to use. The bristles extend onto the end of the brush to allow you to catch the lashes right in the corner of your eyes and (according to Benefit) create that ‘doe-eyed look’. This works in theory, but the end of the brush does tend to collect excess product, so it does need wiping off on the neck of the tube to make sure the right amount is on the brush.

The formulation is quite ‘wet’, which I’m normally not a big fan of as it tends to slick the lashes together, but I actually really like how this applies.

Here are my lashes before…

After one coat…

It gives you a nice, defined look while adding serious length to your lashes.

After two coats…

It dries to a glossy finish and therefore quite solid, so a second coat can cause a little clumping, but if you like the doll-eyed look then this is definitely the mascara for you! I personally prefer using just one coat, but it’s all personal preference really.

The mascara has great staying power. It’s not waterproof, but unless you have seriously watery eyes or get doused in water, this stuff ain’t moving or flaking off till you want it to.

Overall? This mascara is wonderful. I’m a big fan. My lashes don’t look fake, but they do look great!

The only issue is the price (£18.50). It does compare with other high end super-mascaras such as YSL Effet Faux Cils but I wouldn’t repurchase it for the exact same reason why I stopped buying YSL on a regular basis… It isn’t that much better than the best ‘drugstore’ mascaras (Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ and CoverGirl ‘LashBlast’ I’m looking at you!)

So overall, it is great and it is worth the money… but only if you tend to spend £18.50 on Mascara. Which I don’t.

Would love to know if anyone else has tried this already? It’s available now from Benefit stores, counters, and online.