Sleek Bring ‘Lip Tar’ to the High Street!

Affordable cosmetic brand Sleek Makeup have done what bloggers all over the world have been hoping for for a long time… They’ve taken Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ lead and released highly pigmented lipsticks in liquid form.

Comparable to the cult OCC ‘Lip Tars’, the Sleek Makeup ‘Pout Paints’ come in bold and bright colours and are designed to be mixed to create your own shade.

I only own one OCC Lip Tar myself so am no expert but from my experience, these products seem like a great dupe that is not only cheaper (they will retail for £4.99 compared to OCC’s £8.99) but also more easily accessible than the OCC variant (available in Superdrug and online).

They also seem to be a little thicker than the OCC lip tars, making them easier to work with. The only problem is whether or not these products are really made for the high street? They are certainly fun to play with, but unless you’re a makeup artist or complete makeup fanatic, I don’t think the Pout Paints would be a permanent addition to many people’s makeup bags…

What do you think? Would you buy a few of these and mix your own shade on a regular basis, or is that too much effort?

Sleek Makeup Pout Paints are available in 11 different shades and are currently ‘3 for 2’.