Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint: Worth The Hype?

I’m sure you’ve all seen numerous blog posts about the new Liz Earle tinted moisturiser by now. The lovely ladies at Liz Earle invited lots of bloggers down to their King’s Road shop to check out the new products and meet Liz Earle herself last week, so the product has really been doing ‘the rounds’ in the blogosphere this week.

I was one of the lucky bloggers to be granted a private audience with Liz, who talked me through the new product, the thinking behind it and her tips for using it. Liz was absolutely lovely. Very welcoming and warm, which makes me feel ever so slightly guilty about this review…

I’m a huge huge fan of Cleanse & Polish and think that it really deserves all the hype that surrounds it. I was therefore very excited to hear that Liz Earle is dipping her feet into the makeup world. However the first product to be released from the line, the ‘Sheer Skin Tint’, was a real disappointment in my books. Maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to my all time favourite Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, but it really doesn’t cut the mustard.

I love the packaging. It’s a gorgeous shimmery blue colour which Liz tells me is inspired by the sea on her native Isle of Wight (and is patented, so you won’t see it anywhere else).

The formula of the product however, leaves my skin feeling slightly greasy. I have dry skin so am generally a fan of moisturising ‘dewy’ looking skin products but this one seems a little much. It feels quite heavy on my skin when I apply it and the smell is actually quite off putting.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in ‘Beach’

Once it’s dried properly on the skin, it does leave quite a nice finish, and the smell goes away, but it’s not amazing.

It comes in three shades: Bare, Beige and Beach. To my surprise, the darkest shade ‘Beach’ was the best match for my post-holiday skin, which leaves me thinking that the shades would certainly not cater for those ladies with skin tones much darker than what is usually classed as ‘medium’.

Blended into the skin

Overall, it’s not a bad product… it’s just not that great. I was certainly expecting more from such a fabulous skincare brand. I’ve still got high hopes for the rest of the ‘Liz Earle Colour’ range, which will be launched next year.

Liz Earle ‘Sheer Skin Tint’ will be available in September online and in store, priced at £21 for 40ml