Techno-Beauty for The Masses!

‘Techo-Beauty’ has been one of the most rapidly expanding areas in the beauty market over the last few years and is undoubtedly one of the most exciting arenas for future development. Although beauty gadgets have been available in various shapes and forms for many years, there have been rapid developments in recent times that have seen treatments normally associated with salons become available to the masses in their own homes.

With contraptions such as the Boots Smooth Skin IPL device and Clarisonic Brushes becoming commonplace in many a beauty conscious individual’s bathroom, I was invited by techno-beauty veterans Slendertone to attend the CEW (Cosmetics Executive Women) Techno-Beauty breakfast event not only in order to learn more about the products available to us now, but also the potential developments that we are likely to see in the near future.

The event was sponsored by Slendertone and Carisonic and comprised of an expert panel of techno-beauty experts including Dr. Patricia Smith, CEO of the Bio Medical Research Group and Slendertone Face, Dr. Robb Akridge, Vice President of Clinical Research Pacific Bio-Science Laboratories (representing Clarisonic) and Annalise Quest, the General Merchandise Manager for Beauty at Harrods (below).

The discussion was lead by Nadine Baggot, Health and Beauty Editor of Hello! Magazine, who put to the panel various issues that the techno-beauty world faces as it enters the mainstream market including competing with salon services, issues when tackling global markets and attempting to assess exactly what results consumers expect to see from bringing beauty gadgets into their own hands.

The expert Panel in action!

The discussion showed that there are certainly many unexplored avenues in the world of consumer beauty gadgets. With Slendertone hoping to one day lead the way in creating a product that not only improves muscle tone, but also burns calories at the same time, it is easy to see that there is a fine line between dream and stark reality. What seems too good to be true has the potential to become reality with the help of expanding technological capabilities. Now that the demand for the technology to be available at home is there, I for one am sure that the transition from professional to consumer-available beauty technology will happen much faster in the future. We certainly have exciting times ahead of us!

Magdalena from Slendertone and I before the disscussion began

What do you think will be the next techno-beauty phenomenon? Do you think Salons are losing out to increasingly accessible and easy to use beauty gadgets in the home?

Slendertone have kindly offered me one of their Ab toning products to try out over the next few weeks. Although nervous, I am optimistic that this may be the answer to helping me tone up after a little more than over-indulgent festive period! I’ll keep you posted!