Kissable Lips for Valentines Day!

So Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (cue 500,000 romantic-themed posts & gift guides!) and I’m sure all of you are thinking about your plans for the evening, perhaps spending it with a certain someone special?

But let’s face it… boys don’t like lipstick, lipgloss or chapped lips, so a trusty lip balm that will keep your lips soft, smooth and smoochable is your best bet for a memorable kiss this Valentine’s Day!

The lovely people at Nivea sent me one of their Hydro Care lip blams to make sure my lips are in tip-top shape for a bit of smooching come February 14th. Nivea’s Hydro Care lip balm works a little differently to other lip balms, providing a occlusive lipid film that helps the lips retain moisture, leaving them soft and hydrated for longer. The perfect companion for Valentine’s Day kisses!

And who will I be smooching?!

Well… apart from Woof (who I do like to kiss, but not on the lips because let’s face it… no one likes dog breath!) I’m hoping to get a kiss from my boyfriend Mike (A boring answer, I know, but it would be slightly poor form if I didn’t considering we’ve been together for over three years!)

Who are you hoping to get cosy with this Valentines day?!

Nivea Hydro Care lip balm is only £1.75 and available nation wide now.

*This post was sponsored by Nivea, who sent the lip balm for review*