L’air de Rien

Yesterday I made a visit to the absolutely divine Miller Harris store on Bruton Street and fell in love.

I’m sure many of you may already be tiring with my ongoing obsession with scented candles, but this addition to my collection is just a little more sophisticated than my usual Christmas-scented choices and certainly deserves it’s own blog post.

I have to admit it was a hard decision, as all of Miller Harris’ fragrances are completely intoxicating. The fragrance that really caught my attention however, was L’air de Rien. The fragrance that founder Lyn Harris created for Jane Birkin in 2006.

Described as ‘mysterious, ethereal and airy’, L’air de Rien was created as somewhat of an anti-fragrance, Birkin wanting a fragrance to embody her personality and rekindle memories of dusty libraries and old books. The result is truly exquisite. One of those scents that you just cannot stop returning to smell again and again. Birkin’s doodles were even included in the design of the products themselves and the packaging.

The line itself is not cheap, starting at £36 for the candle but in my opinion it is more than worth splashing out on as an original and intoxicating gift or just an extravagant treat for yourself. The Eau de Parfum has firmly secured a spot on my Christmas wish list!

On a side note, if you are passing through Mayfair, the shop itself is worth dropping in to even just to experience the ethos of the brand, which has a small, carefully selected line of lifestyle products to accompany the scents including fragrant olive oils, a selection of teas (which you can also enjoy in their mini cafe!) and even their own line of beautiful Miller Harris wallpaper.

Their super cute mini candles (above, front row) are also well worth a look, and make wonderful gifts!