My (Very!) Guilty Pleasure

I must admit it is with a measure of guilt that I write this post. I have found a new fragrance that I love, but I don’t really want to tell you all what it is. If I do, just promise you won’t judge me, OK?

OK. So the fragrance in question is from Playboy (cringe!) and it’s called ‘Play Lovely’. Before you all click off this post in shock horror, please keep reading as I really think this tarty little number is worth your consideration.

It may not have the best reputation or packaging, but it does smell delicious. In my opinion, just like a freshly made Mojito! Not your usual scent, but I think my Mojito take on the fragrance comes from the citrus top notes (and maybe the alcohol?!). It settles into a slightly more complex fragrance on the skin but remains super sweet, sugary and lighthearted. All in all, this is a fun fragrance that doesn’t claim to be anything more than it is: Cheap and cheerful!

50ml Eau de Toilette for £9.45 including delivery at… you can’t go wrong!