No Harsh Chemicals?

I posted a video today with the controversial title ‘Do NOT Buy This!’

It is a review of the seemingly popular John Frieda ‘Go Blonder’ Shampoo. Take a peek if you fancy it:

After posting this I was not surprised to find that I was not alone in my experience, either of allergic/adverse skin reactions or bedsheet and towel bleaching! I thought I’d post the (gross!) snaps of what this product did to me on here as well as on YouTube, as I really think John Frieda have not only released a poor product, but a poorly labeled product.

I was also greatly disappointed with the way that their customer services department treated me when I got in touch with them.

I think when companies get so big, sometimes they lose sight of their customers. Maybe this will catch their attention.

After 5 days of using the products:

1 month after stopping using the products:

My towel after using the products:

My friend’s bed sheets after using the product:

Interesting results for a product that has ‘No harsh chemicals’, ‘gently lightens’ your hair and is ‘gentle enough to use everyday’!

Would love to hear all your opinions on this, and your experiences with this product.

Fleur x