Dainty Doll Déjà Vu!

I’m sure you all remember ‘The Passions of Girls Aloud’ TV series a few years back that saw Cheryl Cole learning how to street dance and Nicola Roberts traveling to Taiwan to put together her very own make up line especially for the palest of skin tones (for obvious reasons, my personal favourite in the series!)

Nicola’s resulting make up line ‘Dainty Doll’ made a small splash, but I personally never picked anything up from the range and after a while it seemed to disappear. Well she’s back!

The updated Dainty Doll line, which was previously linked to Jelly Pong Pong is now being distributed by Original Additions. The re-launch spurred a few mildly confusing news reports in August about the ‘new’ make up line, which is now stocked in Harrods and online at ASOS.com

Although I don’t have the super-pale skin that the brand was designed for, I couldn’t resist trying out a few of the newly formulated products, especially Nicola’s ‘favourite’ Wonderbalm.

My initial thoughts on the products were that the packaging is very impressive. Lovely quality, sleek looking casing is always an important factor in my eyes. Generously sized mirrors are also a plus point.

Firstly the Wonderbalm, which from what I can understand is an ‘8 Hour’ wannabe. Containing mango seed oil, natural plant wax, beeswax and vitamin E it claims to be perfect for lips, elbows, knees, cheekbones. It’s not cheap at £20 and considering that is more expensive than the Elizabeth Arden cult classic I find it a little hard to justify the price tag.

Having said that the smell is lovely (8 hour is sometimes a tiny bit overpowering), it is less greasy and the packaging is much more convenient (though not as sanitary I must admit). Overall I really am impressed with this product. It will definitely replace the mini tube of 8 Hour Cream in my handbag, but I think it would be better priced around the £15 mark.

The second product I picked out was a Blush in the shade ‘Hippy Shake’ (01). This is a really unusual, super pale lilac which adds more of a sheen to the face than the traditional pigmentation you would expect from a blush. It’s more akin to MAC’s Beauty Powder blushes, only the formulation is much nicer.

It’s super soft, and glides onto the skin beautifully. Overall a really unusual colour and I’d love to try the more traditional shades in the line as the formulation really is lovely. At £13 it’s reasonably priced in comparison to other high end products too.

Overall I was very impressed with the products and I will definitely have a look over a few others next time I’m in Harrods!

Has anyone else tried out any Dainty Doll goodies? What’s the verdict?

Fleur x