Lascote L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling

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Last month you might remember that I wrote a post all about how best to choose a scent for summer, and mentioned the new Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle  fragrance collection? Well today I’m taking a closer look at my favourite scent from the collection: Sparkling.

The range consists of three scents, each divided into a mood: Elegant, Natural and Sparkling. I actually really like all of them, but the pink bottle ‘Sparkling’ is definitely my favourite. They are all quite different, but all very like-able scents. Natural is fresh and clean with notes of coconut and sandalwood, warmed up with a base of Amber and lightened up by some fruity top notes of raspberry and mandarin orange, perfect for daytime wear. Elegant is a little deeper and more sophisticated with a base of Vetiver, made more feminine by a selection of delicate floral notes including white flowers and mimosa. Elegant is definitely the evening scent of the collection.

Sparkling is the sweetest, but still fruity enough to feel fresh rather than sickly, It has some punching gourmand mid-notes of cotton candy and macaron, but these are softened nicely by fresh fruit notes including red apple, mandarin orange and blackberry. It also has an interesting spicy hint to it, and a smooth cashmere wood base that lingers on the skin, warming it up a little bit. This one is the best ‘day-to-night’ scent in my opinion, it’s a great all rounder.

The bottles are very simple and classic, inspired by the Lacoste tennis skirts, the design is simple but they are given a splash of pastel colour to make them an eye catching addition to your dressing table. Because all of the fragrances are distinctly like-able, these would make great (safe!) gifts.

The collection is out now, priced at £30 for 30ml or £40 for 50ml

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