Chasing Summer

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days chasing the last rays of summer sun this week in a beautiful corner of Italy called Portopiccolo Sistiana. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you all from my trip, as the resort itself is really quite unique and spending a couple of days there was the perfect way to end what has been an exceptionally busy summer for me. I’m going to be home for most of the rest of the year (which I am really excited about to be honest, it’s been a busy few months with a lot of travelling!)

Portopiccolo lies in the North East of Italy, close to the border of both Slovenia and Croatia and the resort itself is built into the walls of an old Quarry. The entire development is new, having been completed only last year, but it’s built in the style of an old Italian town, making it hard to believe it’s new if it weren’t so clean and pristine. It’s actually a community of over 400 houses and apartments, so lots of people live there full-time (lucky devils!), but they have a small hotel in the centre of the port as well, where we were staying, called Falisia. The port itself is nestled between two beautiful castles along the coast and we took a quick boat ride to see them on one of the days. The surrounding sea is also well-known for fishing mussels, so is studded with mussel-catchers. We got the chance to sample some of them in one of the restaurants one night and they were without a doubt the best I’ve ever tasted. The seafood there (and the food in general actually) is out of this world – something I always prioritise when going away. 

They are still in the process of building a giant spa with floor to ceiling sea-view windows so I definitely hope I get the chance to go back one day to experience that, that’s for sure! You can find out more about the resort here, but it’s really quite an exceptional little place, I’d definitely recommend staying here is you’re looking for a totally relaxing break in Italy, or some pool/beach time to tack on to a trip to Venice (it’s an hour and a half away).

I also got the chance to take my new beach bag for a spin before the end of summer. I know what you’re thinking… why would I buy a beach bag this time of year? Well, I actually bought it for a cancelled trip to Croatia at the end of August as I fell in love with it at first sight (and it was on sale – see below!), so I’m really glad it got an outing before being put away for the winter! It’s from Anthropologie and I absolutely adore it. Clashing pink and orange is always a winning combination for me.

Here’s to a great summer! Although I have to admit I’m really looking forward to Autumn kicking in so I can crack out the winter wardrobe too…