Aerin Tangier Vanille

I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of fragrance reviews recently, but there have been so many gorgeous launches this summer, I couldn’t exclude the new addition to Aerin’s scent lineup – Tangier Vanille.

Aerin fragrances are eye-wateringly expensive, but utterly divine. It took me at least 5 visits to the counter to spray my other Aerin favourite, Amber Musk, before I took the plunge and invested in my own bottle. It’s something I certainly haven’t regretted since, as I use it all the time and it’s secured a place in my all time favourite scents, but it takes a really special scent for me to be convinced to part with £90 for a bottle.

Their latest release is called ‘Tangier Vanille’ and as the name would suggest, is a vanilla-based warm, gourmand scent that I loved on first spray but have since become seriously addicted to. It’s sweet but warm and sophisticated at the same time. It reminds me of Diptyque’s Eau Duelle, but a little softer and slightly less spicy.

If you’re already a fan of Amber Musk like me, you’re almost guaranteed to like this one, as it shares a few notes and has a very similar feel to it (note: they are still different enough… or at least I think so!) It has a hint of Amber and a smooth base of musk but with a few softer, subtle floral notes in there too of Bergamot and Rose.

If you love warmer scents I would really recommend trying this next time you’re passing an Aerin counter. It’s (the right kind of) delicious. If you don’t want to part with quite so much cash, the body creme is also worth trying out. It has a totally divine texture and inparts almost as much scent as the perfume. The Tangier Vanille range is available now. Prices start at £22 for the soap and go right up to £125 for the largest perfume.