Foreo Luna PLAY – Review

When this teeny tiny product arrived on my doorstep this week, I couldn’t wait to try it. I’m a sucker for anything in miniature as I travel a lot and am constantly looking for products that will lighten my load yet still perform as well as their full size counterparts. This in particular caught my eye as I’ve never seen anything else quite like it. 

I’ve been a fan of the Foreo Luna for months now. It’s a sonic face brush that is not only compact and ergonomic to use, but the charge lasts up to seven months and the silicone bristles are thirty five times more hygienic than traditional nylon-bristled face brushes. It dries quickly and doesn’t encourage bacterial growth. I’ve used most of the other face brushes on the market over the years. I’ve liked some, hated others, but the Foreo is by far my favourite. It makes sonic cleansing easy, convenient and (less-importantly!) makes it look good too!

The latest addition to the Luna line-up is the ‘Play’ – a miniature version of the original that fits into the palm of the hand. I’ve tried both the full-sized version and the mini, and I have found that the performance of the mini is equally as effective as the full size, so the concept of the Play really excited me.

It does exactly the same thing as the original, but in miniature. You wet and apply your cleanser (I usually remove my makeup beforehand using micellar water to let the cleanser really do it’s work) I currently use it with Elemental Herbology’s Manuka Cleanser which I find works an absolute dream. You work the product into the skin in circular motions using the device, which uses sonic vibrations to help deep clean the skin and pores. Using the full size version has made such a difference to my skin, especially so to the pores around my nose.

This tiny compact version is possibly the cutest beauty gadget I’ve ever seen. It’s also only £29 so it puts the facial brush into a more affordable category, however there is one single flaw to this little gem… it isn’t re-chargeable. The single charge it comes with lasts for around 100 uses, which would last me for about a year as I only use it twice a week, however I do think that it’s a major flaw to not be able to recharge it, as it does detract from the initial concept of being more affordable. I don’t think it would deter me from repurchasing it personally, as I would probably want a new one after that period of time, considering it’s used on your face, but I know that it would be a deterrantant for some. 

This will certainly hold a permanent place in my travel bag from now on…or semi-permanent until the battery runs out at least! 

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of facial brushes, have you ever tried the Luna and would you be tempted to add this to your skincare routine? It’s available from Cult Beauty online here.