Lancome Juicy Shakers Review

It’s very rare that something arrives on my doorstep and within half an hour I’m already writing up a review, but Lancome’s latest beauty drop is so cool I simply couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

You might have seen or heard a few things about the new ‘Beauty Shakers’ online already as they are without a doubt the most exciting beauty launch of the year so far. They combine the fun vibe of the original Lancome Juicy Tubes, with a more modern texture and even more innovative packaging and application…

They are essentially a tinted lip oil and are very similar in texture to the YSL tint-in-oils that launched last year (albeit with a little less stain!) It’s the packaging and application is what makes them really special. You have to shake the cute cocktail-shaker-shaped tube before use to combine the pigment and oil, then use the wide cushion sponge applicator to apply them to your lips. There are three small holes that sit just under the sponge to ensure that exactly the right amount of product is deposited on to the tip. The sponge itself feels like nothing else I’ve ever tried before… the only way I can describe it is that it’s like applying your lipgloss with a soft gummy sweet!

Each of the 14 shades available in the UK (there are 20 globally) has a different scent (mostly fruity, but there are a few cakes and caramels in the mix too.) The oil texture is really smooth and glides onto the lips. The pigmentation is quite sheer, but build-able to a medium level of pigmentation for the deeper shades. Lancome were kind enough to send me eight of the shades to try and I’ve swatched them all below so you can see the difference in pigmentation between the individual shades. Some are matte colours, some have a shimmer running though them, but they all give the same fresh glossy finish and all are totally non-sticky.

8 of the 14 shades L-R: Berry Tale, Freedom of Peach, Apri-Cute, Berry in Love, Walk The Lime, Wondermelon, Lemon Explosion & Cherry Symphony

These are the perfect daytime handbag lip products for those who want the benefits of a lip oil (they are formulated with sweet almond, peach kernel, cranberry and musk rose oils) with the shine and colour of a gloss. I don’t think you’d want all the shades as they are so sheer and therefore some of the shades aren’t hugely different on the lips, but if you’re a beauty addict, they are a must-try product!

Juicy Shaker in Cherry Symphony

Their only downside is the staying power. As they are completely non-sticky, similarly to most lip oils, the staying power is not the best. They are definitely a product you’d want to reapply during the day, but seeing as they are such a pleasure to apply, this definitely doesn’t bother me!

They launch into Selfridges and next week on the 2nd March, then nationwide at Lancome counters from 16th March and are £18 each. You can already get them on the Selfridges website here.

What do you think guys, will you be checking these out? Also… who was a fan of the original Juicy Tubes as a teenager?! I was obsessed!