The Perfect Winter Nail Line-up

Today’s post is technically about a Christmas gift set, but I’ve been obsessed with it over the past few weeks and it’s still available online, so I thought I’d share my enthusiasm with you all!

I’ve been a fan of Butter London polishes for years now. They seem to launch some of the most unique, eye-catching colours and I love the formulas too. This little set of six polishes called ‘Invite Only’ has covered all my bases this Christmas season…

L-R: Glad Rags, Pash, Peep Hole, OTT, Vapour, Lock In

I’ve worn every single one of them over the past few weeks and loved them all. I especially love the combination of layering the sheer opal topcoat ‘Glad Rags’ over the grey/bone shade ‘Vapour’ – a combination I’m sporting as I type and can’t help but stare at for it’s shimmering loveliness! The red glitter ‘OTT’ also served me well over the Christmas period, but could definitely be worn year-long as it’s more of a plain red with glitter in it than a full-on glitter (if that makes sense?!) The deep navy ‘Lock In’ is also a year-round staple shade and with the two eye-catching metallics ‘Pash’ and ‘Peep Hole’ adding a little colour to the selection, the six shades make a perfectly balanced winter nail wardrobe. I’m a really big fan of both of the metallic shades too, especially ‘Pash’ as it dries down to be very subtly metallic and makes a gorgeous day-to-day shade with a little something special about it.

The polishes are all 6ml, so just over half the size of the regular 11ml bottles and they come really beautifully packaged in a box for £30. Considering the full size polishes retails for £12 each, this works out to be a pretty good deal! I’m so happy with my set, I can’t see myself wanting to wear anything else for the next few months at least, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at this if you want to re-vamp your nail polish collection for the new year. They are available on the Butter London Website.