Simple Micellar Wipes

When I used Micellar Water for the first time a few years ago, it was somewhat of a eureka moment for me. I had struggled to find the ‘perfect’ makeup remover for years and suddenly seemed to have the answer… an affordable, quick, easy solution that meant I didn’t have to spend ages trying to get my mascara off at night. So when Simple (who make my favourite high street micellar option) extended their range to include Micellar wipes recently, it was a total game changer… FINALLY!

The wipes are pre-soaked with Simple’s Micellar cleansing water, so are a great addition to my skincare routine as they allow me to have all the benefits of the normal micellar water, but on-the-go…

There’s quite a lot of snobbery around the use of makeup wipes in the beauty world at the moment, but for me personally… I love them and I always have done. I’ve been a fan of the original Simple makeup wipes for years as they are a lifesaver on planes, trains, on-the-go, on holiday or simply just when you’re in a hurry! 

I still use my micellar water when at home, but wipes are always so useful when I’m travelling! They are oil and alcohol free, and also non-drying and non-greasy at the same time so perfect for all skin types. They leave my skin feeling clean, fresh, calm and instantly more hydrated and I think they make a great addition to the Simple line-up!

They come in a pack of 25 for £3.99 and are available now! You can find them online here.

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“Simple has over 50 years heritage in caring for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Sensitive skin is not a skin type limited to a few people, we can all experience occasions where skin feels dry or irritated, sometimes when we least expect it. All Simple products contain triple purified water and only our purest possible, skin-loving ingredients with no artificial perfumes or colours. Our unique formulation helps to instantly hydrate reducing the potential for irritation. You can trust the natural goodness in all our products to care for even the most sensitive skin.”