Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers

I’ve had this bronzer for a couple of weeks now but wanted to really put it to the test before reviewing it. I love, love, love the powders and blushes in this range for their ability to add that ‘glow from within’ quality to the skin without using heavy shimmers or glitter, so was therefore really overexcited when I heard about the bronzers being released. 

First thing’s first, these are definitely traditional ‘bronzers’ rather than a contour powders. They are really quite shimmery, so unsuitable for anything other than adding a glowing, tanned radiance to your complexion. They have the same ‘photoluminescent’ technology as the Ambient Lighting Powders, so have a gorgeous depth to them (unlike basic shimmers which sit on top of the skin and look really unnatural.)

There are only two shades available, Luminous Bronze (a medium tan shade that is mixed with their ‘Luminous’ powder for a more natural glow) and Radiant Bronze (a darker, warmer shade mixed with their ‘Radiant’ powder for a deeper sun-kissed look with even more of a glow). The one I have (shown in the pictures) is the darker of the two, but still suitable for a fair to medium skin tones. Both have quite a lot of shimmer, I have to admit I thought it might be a little too much when I first swatched them, but when on the skin they create a gorgeous luminosity not unlike the powders, with the added warmth of a bronzer. They are also have an incredibly light texture, so blend very easily and seamlessly on top of foundation.

Admittedly, they are quite pigmented so you do need to use a light hand if you want a natural effect, but are simply gorgeous, especially for the summertime if you are looking to enhance your natural tan. These are definitely top on my list of holiday must-have products this Summer and by far my favourite bronzers I’ve discovered in the past couple of years! 

They are expensive at £42, but not unexpected when compared to the other products in the Hourglass range (the powders are a little cheaper at £38) and the packaging is the same as the powders, but you get a little more product in there (11g of bronzer compared to 10g of powder). If you’re a fan of the Ambient Lighting powders, you will almost certainly love these, but if contouring is more up your street and you’re not hugely into the fake tanning or bronzing it up, they might be skip-able for you. I’m a huge fan of these any definitely think they are worth splashing that extra little bit of cash on if you’re on the market for a new high end bronzer! 

These are available in SpaceNK online (here) and in store now.