Skincare Updates!

I’ve discovered a couple of skincare gems recently, both of which are strangely… orange! 

The first is a cleanser from Ole Henriksen. It’s an unusual one as it’s not quite a balm, not quite a gel. They call it a ‘3 in 1 Cleansing Gelee’ but it works in much the same way as a balm… 

Massage it into your skin, after which is transforms into a thinner, oilier texture, removing all your makeup and leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable after being washed away with a damp flannel. I really love the unusual, thick gel texture of this product, and the fresh orange scent. It strangely reminds me of marmalade, but in a good way! It’s also significantly cheaper than my other favourites cleansing balms at £24 (Emma Hardie’s is £36 and Sarah Chapman’s is £40).

The other product that has made it’s way into my daily routine is from Vichy. It’s a new formulation of their Ideal Soleil face cream, with SPF 50. It’s a mattifying formula aimed at combination and oily skins but I love this, even for my normal to dry skin. So many high factor sunscreens are either too chalky, or oily, but this one leaves your skin looking smooth and matte, making a great base for makeup. 

Two perfect additions for my summertime skin routine, I’d thoroughly recommend checking them out if you’re looking to refresh your skin care lineup!