Guest Review! Philips Lumea Hair Removal System (sp)

Today I’ve got a guest post from my best friend Lissie for you all! Philips approached me a few months ago and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their Lumea hair removal system. Having known Lissie wanted to try out an IPL system for ages, I asked if she’d like to take it on a test run for me. Here are her thoughts…

When Fleur initially approached
me to try the Philip’s Lumea Precision Plus I positively jumped at the
opportunity. Since around the age of around 14, I have tried endless ways under
the sun attempting to remove unwanted body hair. This ranges from foul-smelling
hair removal creams, to unbearable waxing and the both painful and time
consuming epilating. And still, 12 years later, I search for that elusive,
cure-all solution that is both pain-free and effective…

In Philips Lumea
Precision Plus I think I’ve found that magic combination. Its ease of use,
creating real results and most of all the fact that it is pain free (for me!), has now
made this my go-to product for depilation. Having used it regularly for the
last 3 months I cannot recommend it highly enough.

When it first arrived I was
initially impressed with how it looked. It has a sleek design to it and is also
lightweight, making it really easy to use. Additionally, it also came with a
small case for it to sit snugly into, so you are not heaving a large box around
with it, either for storage or travelling.

The product works by applying
gentle pulses of light to the hair and the hair root, just underneath the skin.
As a result of this, hair will shed from the skin naturally and it also
prevents regrowth. You need to shave the desired area first (be it leg, armpit,
bikini line etc.) and then consult the skin tone graph as to what light pulse
intensity would be suitable for you. With fairly dark hair, and somewhat pale
skin, I chose the second highest setting of ‘4’. You then need to decide which
attachment is appropriate for the area that you are depilating. The one I use
the most is the ‘body’ attachment, especially suitable for legs, however there
is also a ‘face’ attachment, a smaller piece with an extra integrated light
filter, suitable for sensitive areas and also hard-to-reach places, such as

You then place the Precision Plus
at a 90° angle to your skin, and when all contacts are touching the skin, a
green flash light shows that you can start the process. This is when you chose
to use either the ‘Slide & Flash’ mode, especially useful for legs, where
you can do long strokes, with the product pulsating light at regular intervals,
or the ‘Step & Flash’ mode, where you place the product precisely where you
want it to flash, useful for awkward areas, such as the knees. Whilst it did
take me a couple of minutes to get used to the product, ensuring I did not
overlap areas that had already been flashed, I quickly became used to it, and
realised how quickly this can be done. Within about 10 minutes I had done my
lower leg. Within half an hour I had completely finished.

I will happily admit that I was
more than slightly sceptic as to how effective this would be. However after
only one use, I already could see the result on my legs, where the hair took
longer to grow back and was thinner than previously. Having now used it for the
past few months, repeating the process once every 3 to 4 weeks, I can now
really see the difference this has made on all the different areas I used
this.  My underarm hair is not as coarse
as it once was, and my legs need far less maintenance than they used to,
something I am definitely looking forward to come summer. If you are after a
pain free hair removal product that shows results after consistent use, this is
the one for you, I really cannot recommend it highly enough.

“Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.