The Easy Liquid Liner

If you struggle with liquid eyeliner, or if it just takes you ages to get the perfect flick and you don’t have time to spend 10 minutes doing it in the morning, I’ve finally discovered the solution! 

NYX have a nifty little eyeliner called ‘The Curve’, which has quickly become a makeup bag staple of mine. It’s rounded, ergonomic design allows you to draw on the perfect flick in just a few seconds…

The felt-tip nib is quite thick too, so it’s a foolproof shortcut to a daily cat-eye. The formula is really black and glossy, so there’s no fiddling around with a watery finish. I’ve become totally addicted to this, and have been using it most days. It’s honestly the quickest and easiest liquid eyeliner to apply I’ve ever tried. 

The one problem I’ve had with it is longevity. I’ve got quite watery eyes (and I also wear contacts so I have to fiddle with my eyes a little bit throughout the day!) so this needs a bit of a top up after 4-5 hours. Having said that, I really don’t mind carrying this around in my bag for top-ups as it’s so quick and easy! I can honestly do a quick cat eye in two minutes, which beats my previous record many times over!

The 2 minute flick… (Please ignore the scraped back hair, I was in a hurry! hehe) You can pick up ‘The Curve’ liner from for £13.

What’s your favourite liquid liner? Have any of you tried ‘The Curve’?