Rimmel are set to launch a new sister product to their Apocalips lip laquers, cleverly named ‘Provocalips’ (when will the puns stops?! love it!). These are long lasting, dual ended glosses with colour on one end and a glossy top coat on the other. 

The packaging is good but I really don’t like the white tube end with the multicoloured lips, which I think cheapens the look quite a bit. The product itself is great though…

The coloured end applies fairly normally, but dries down to be a little sticky (you can tell it’s going to last!) then the gloss on top is a high shine, smooth formula that makes it really nice and comfortable to wear.

L-R: Kiss Me You Fool, I’ll Call you,  Make You Move, Skinny Dipping, Dare to Pink

When these lovelies landed on my desk a few weeks ago, I instantly thought of one of my favourite lip products from Chanel (The Chanel Rouge Double Intensite in Light Rise). It’s housed in identical packaging and the product has identical aims too.

I pulled this out to compare and was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually very, very similar in formulation. The Chanel version is slightly more sticky on the first coat (translation: lasts a bit longer) and the gloss top coat is slightly more glossy, but the look and premise of the product is very similar. They even have a similar colour to my favourite Chanel shade. The Chanel has a slight shimmer to it, but it’s a pretty good drugstore dupe if you ask me!

Overall, I was really impressed by these. There are 8 different shades, and they will be available from the 1st October, at a very reasonable £6.99 each.

What do you think guys, do you like the look of Provocalips?