Festival Braids, 2 Ways!

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to V Festival in Chelmsford by the lovely people at Mark Hill. They were also super kind and styled my hair each day before the bands started. Both looks were braid-based, which is personally my favourite thing for a festival (practical, but cute!) I absolutely loved the results, so wanted to share the two looks they created for me with you all…

I arrived with freshly-washed hair in anticipation of 2 nights camping (and probably no chance to wash it!). For the first day their lovely stylist Lewis created an amazing twisted french braid that went from the top of my head, all the way around the back and to the opposite side. He pulled it all out so it was really messy and loose. It lasted all day (and actually looked pretty good the next morning too!)

The next day Lewis & I decided we wanted something fun and ‘tribal’ inspired. Lewis actually wanted to braid my whole head, but I managed to convince him that doing just one half would look cooler! He put in two tight braids down one side, but then split them in half at the nape of my heck to create 4 little plaits at the bottom, giving a faux side-shave look. Then he waved the other side using a big curling wand (I think it was this one – I’m definitely going to be hunting it down next time I’m in boots, cos I love the effect it gave!)

I had such a great time, so a HUGE thank you to Mark Hill for inviting me along! I also posted a little lookbook video from the weekend too, you can check it out below:

Let me know what you think! Which look did you prefer? What’s your favourite look for a festival?