DIY Lipgloss: Silk + Honey Review

This week I’ve been giving this little kit from Silk + Honey a go. I love the idea of making your own cosmetics, but it can be time consuming, expensive and requires a lot of research. Silk + Honey makes it easy by selling ‘kits’ that not only allow you to mix your own shades and tweak formulations, but they don’t contain any chemical nasties that are common in modern cosmetics.

Some of the skin and body care kits are a little overpriced in my opinion, but the lip gloss kit, at £35 is great for anyone who wants to give this a go, but it also makes an amazing gift for makeup lovers! The kit comes complete with all the ingredients you’ll need, pipettes, syringes with nibs for filling the tubes and a gorgeous linen makeup bag…

Apparently it makes up to 13 tubes of lipgloss, but actually only comes with 6 empty tubes, so unless you want to buy additional containers, I think 6 is a more realistic number. You mix together a base of Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Gel, the colour the gloss with a selection of different pigments. The shade possibilities are endless and it’s actually really easy and fun to do!

I mixed four different shades this weekend and this is how they turned out. I’m in love with the bright fuchsia. The formulation actually turned out really nicely. Because they have the oil base, they are totally non-sticky, but last really nicely. They also leave your lips feeling lovely and nourished too. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of these.

You can pick up the kit on for £35. A lovely treat, or perfect gift for makeup obsessives like me!