Summer Holiday Beauty Bits!

While the majority of my makeup collection is appropriate for all-year-round, there are a few products that only see the light of day for summertime and holidays. 

Seeing as it’s prime holiday season right now, I thought I’d do a little post about my holiday favourites…

First up is NARS’ multiple in Laguna. If you’re more tanned, or a darker skintone, this might be appropriate year-round, but for me it’s strictly a tanned-only product. It gives a gorgeous glow and I like to use it as a replacement for bronzer when I’m at my most tanned, along my cheekbones, a little on my forehead and nose.

The next is my favourite waterproof mascara from Bourjois. I only ever use waterproof mascara on holiday, so I don’t like to buy high end ones. I really like this as it gives loads of volume and length (think doll eyes) but it stays put even in the pool. It also has a massive brush too so it’s quick to apply – no time wasting putting on your makeup when you could be outside in the sunshine!

The next is a lipstick that has been a summer staple for me for a good few years now. It’s Costa Chic from MAC. It’s one of those pale corals that looks horrendous when you’re not tanned, so this is one that I dig out for the summer every year. It’s a frost, so has a slight frosted finish too it, but nothing too obvious. It’s so pretty with a golden tan, I love it.

Last but not least are two nail polishes that never fail to but a smile on my face in the summer month. The first is Butter London’s Disco Biscuit here.) This semi-matte gel-textured fuchsia has a heavy dose of blue glitter. It’s such a unique polish and it looks great with summer brights. (I’ve done a full review of this

I also adore Colour Club’s ‘Reign in Spain’ neon coral shade. This makes you look twice as tanned as you are. I always use colours like this in the summer to enhance by tan and it works a treat! (I’ve done a full review of this here)

Are you heading off anywhere nice this summer? What are your favourite summer holiday products?