Breaking The Silence…


I’ve been rather quiet on here for the past month or so. A month sounds like such a long time, but it’s flown by and I’m not really sure where the time went. It’s the usual excuse, I’ve been so busy I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my friends, family (and own husband at times), that this little corner of the internet has been left rather neglected. Instead of jumping right back in with my usual type of blogpost, I thought I’d share a few snaps of what I’ve been up to for the past month…

I was lucky enough to fly out the New York for BeautyCon 2014 with my friend Lauren at the end of May. We went rowing on the lake in Central Park, got glam blow dries at Dry Bar, went to a snazzy Maybelline party, drank cocktails on the roof of the Standard hotel in Chelsea, went to the top of the Rockafeller centre for sunset and took a trip down childhood memory lane seeing Aladdin on Broadway. It was awesome and I loved every minute of our little trip.

When I got home, I had a day off to spend with Mike, the puppies and my family before starting filming for our new cooking channel with Sainsbury’s. It was scary filming at first (as we aren’t professional chefs!) but it was actually so much fun and we’ve been learning so much! I had a week or so to finish off some DIY and admin at home in between filming, and got back onto the fitness wagon too! The last pic is of me and my dad on Father’s Day. He’s awesome.

Towards the end of June, I went to a family friend’s wedding in Suffolk. They had huge teepees full of fairylights and the sun shone all day. It was magical and I loved spending time with my family. The next day I flew out to LA for Vidcon 2014 and the next 10 days flew by in a whirlwind of meet-ups, panels, meetings and photo shoots. Vidcon was awesome but so busy this year, I didn’t get the chance to catch up with everyone I had wanted to! I did see quite a lot of my YouTube friends though, which was awesome. I also spent 2 days on set shooting for Seventeen magazine which was also incredible. It was my first ever proper ‘fashion’ shoot so I was really nervous but it was fun on the day. I got the chance to spend time in Downtown LA and visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the first time.

Me and my best friend Becky spent a whole day filming videos with our friends Tati and Elle, and we got to go with Tati to collect her new puppy, Puka Shell, and hang out with Elle’s cat Pinecone. We spent an hour by the hotel pool enjoying the sunshine and I dyed my hair rainbow pink, blue and purple (it’s wash-out though, so it’s pretty much gone now.) We were both sad to have to go home, but it was awesome to see all my family again. What’s even more awesome is that my sister and her family moved closer to us whilst I was away, so I can hopefully see my little niece and nephew a lot more this summer.

Normally blogging with resume this week. I’m sorry for the silence guys. I’ve missed you.